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Trac Manhole Cutter


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Trac Manhole Cutter

The Trac Trenching manhole cutter allows us to quickly dig manholes for construction sites.  The manhole cutters allows us to quickly and efficiently cut a manhole for any contractor or general construction site.

The following is a step-by-step process of how our efficient manhole cutting works for a complete road reconstruct, which corresponds with the numbered photos to the left.

  1. GPS Location of structure.
  2. Cut the Structure.
  3. Remove the Slug.
  4. Vac all loose material.
  5. Remove Plate.
  6. Install MDOT approved collar with Thermo-plastic molding that is resistant to hydrogen sulfide gas, which prevents utility erosion over time.
  7. Trim collar to heights and slope.
  8. Install casing.
  9. Pourconcrete to bottom of flange or 2" below top. Asphalt the remainder.

Also Available on Mill & Fill Jobs - We are able to mill around structures out to a diameter of 54" to the depth required. (Photos 10 & 11)