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Manhole and Water Valve Cutting

Trac Manhole Cutter LogoThe Trac Manhole Cutter is a top of the line machine that can greatly save time and manpower on street re-paving projects. Trac's Manhole Cutter can cleanly cut out asphalt up to 10 inches thick in just 6 minutes - shortening a task that otherwise would take much more time, effort, and machinery.

View our photo series of the innovative Trac Manhole Cutting process.

Trenching, Excavating, & Vibratory Plowing

Trenching EquipmentWe provide quality trenching, excavating, and vibratory plowing services along with Trench compaction. Our underground boring can be performed up to 2 inches by 50 linear feet.

Light Post & Sign Foundations

Sonotube concrete foundation Trac Trenching provides concrete foundations for light posts and signage. We can accommodate almost any diameter and depth requirements. We also use ceme tube, which is a plastic form that resist fading & cracking with a flawless service. Trac Trenching also performs all rerod and anchor bolt configurations.

Electric Service

ElectricianTrac Trenching features a Michigan Licensed Electrician with over 25 years of experience. We provide electric and communication duct bank excavating because of our experience in the electrical field, which will save the electrical contractor time and money.

Plumbing & Drainage

Plumbing ServiceTrac trenching offers a full range of plumbing and drainage services including sewage lead installation, water taps, and sewage taps.

Manhole Repair

Trac Manhole Cutter LogoTrac Trenching works with many local agencies and private developers to maintain their storm drain, sewer system, manhole repair and manhole maintenance. We use our patented pending process to cut and remove asphalt or concrete surface around the manhole. Learn More about Manhole Repair

Foundation Work

 Foundation WorkFoundation WorkFoundation WorkFoundation WorkFoundation Work