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Welcome to Trac Trenching

Trac Manhole CutterWe are a specialty excavating company located in Jackson, Michigan.

Our services include: manhole cutting, silt fence installation, water valve cutting, trenching and excavating, silt fencing that does not disturb vegetation, light post and sign foundations with ceme tube smooth forms, drainage, and electrical services.


Trenching & Excavating

Trenching EquipmentWe provide quality trenching, digging, and vibratory plowing services. Trench compaction is also available. Our underground boring can be performed up to 2 inches by 50 linear feet.

Silt Fencing

Silt Fence MachineryOur Silt Fencing uses Vibratory Plowing, 
and there is no other installation - leaving vegetation undisturbed. We determine our stake placement specifically according to different erosion conditions.